Wake to the chill of a shaky red light sunk into the horizon,

Before the apathy of late morning.


Draw back the sea.

Lift up the thin line of white haze at the break of shore;

Find waiting impossibly, a narrow patch of mirror

Shines with the depths of an early sky.

Not land or ocean, crudely undefined

She winds without boundary,

Glossy with beauty and fear.

Here the brave are stirred.

To live is to allow,

We tell ourselves.

And let the taunting shimmer spill into our skin,

Fill our veins, grip our hearts,

Let our soul plunge into the soft wet sand,

And our hands carve out the old story

Our minds are too timid to tell;

No inch of our bodies strangers,

No verse left unread.

Myself in full

I would lay before this beating storm,

Vast, pulsing downpour,

Humbled in the sweetened thunder.

Sentimental as she is

The sea holds her breath for us.

We take our time.

Fingers graze the surface of the flood

Running down the curve of your spine

And under silk orchid skies

We dance as though the silent night is singing.

Weaving words for one another

And waving as they set sail into the dawn.

I - from the ticking of my cynical mind-

May fear

We are but youth clinging to the cracks of time

Our faith resting with the tempers of tides

Tangling our lives without reason.

But for now, I look out across the gentle waves.

The stars have fallen into the sea,

The birds dance in the swell

And I see nothing but you and I;

Two lovers

Floating hand in hand.


Aoife Burke is a humanities student living in Galway. She has been building a body of poetry for a number of years, largely focused on the themes of change, ambivalence and conflict. She also has a love of the spoken word and has performed her work in a number of local poetry slams. The process of writing and performing has been a source of solace and comfort for Aoife for most of her life.