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What was the last thing to keep you up at night?

Probably not wanting to stop talking to somebody.

What does your favourite food taste like?

My favourite food is cheesy, salty and deep fried. It tastes like arteries being clogged up.

What was your favourite birthday party and what did you wish for when the candles blew out?

My favourite birthday party was when I turned sixteen. It was the first day back to school, which is fairly shit, but at lunch my friends came up behind me in the canteen with 'Adventure Time' homemade cupcakes and sang to me obnoxiously loud. My boyfriend got me an ugly fez and it made school manageable.

What's your favourite colour and how does it make you feel?

My favourite colour is the rich blue the sky goes right before it is fully night. It makes me feel positive and happy and like anything is possible and I don't know why. It is my favourite time of day. 

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What would you say to someone who is gone if they were still here?

I would ask them why they did what they did, and then ask myself why I let it happen. Then I would threaten if they did it to anyone else, I would break their legs. 

When was the last time you kissed someone and what did it feel like?

My last kiss was my last night out with my gay best friend. Every time we drink, we kiss and what wth the half a litre of captain morgan I had consumed, it was bound to be a touchy affair. It started out as a kiss, as the Killers once said, and then turned into a momentous shift. We are both just that good. It wasn't something that made my heart skip a beat or gave me butterflies, it was just fun. 






Who looked after you when you were last sick or who do you wish had?

The Papa John's delivery guy was really good to me the last time I was ill and my housemate who locked me into my room and sandwiched me into bed with movies. That was good enough for me.


Define 'Human'.

Human to me is consciousnesses and the ability to feel emotions and pain. And love and all that jazz. You need to make mistakes and learn from them to be human. Having the ability to be creative and use your imagination and a hunger to learn new things and explore. You seek personal growth and fulfillment and want to help improve the lives of the people you care about. That's what it means to me anyway.