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What was the last thing to keep you up at night?

My thoughts. How someone looked at me that day. How big my bed feels without my dog. Old relationships. New relationships. Unsurity. A big muddle of everything really.

What does your favourite food taste like?

I asked around because I wasn't sure. Everyone said chips. Which I love. Chips are salty and wholesome and there's something wonderfully childlike about liking them. They're my go-to. The taste sort of reminds me of home.

What was your favourite birthday party and why?

My favourite birthday party was definitely when I turned 20. My best friend Laura threw me a surprise birthday party. It's now one of my favourite memories. I remember opening the door and seeing all my friends, it felt warm and cheerful and the whole thing just made me light up. I got happy drunk and danced to The Smiths and wished for more serendipitous moments like that. 

What would you say to someone who is gone if they were still here?

I haven't really lost someone because they have passed away. There are lots of people I lost because we no longer speak. If they were still in my life, I would probably tell them I miss them. And that I'm still healing. But I wouldn't want them back in my life, which I think is ok because forgiveness doesn't always mean giving someone a second chance. I think as humans we are allowed to be selfish sometimes.

When was the last time you kissed someone and what did it feel like?

The last time I kissed someone I really liked was a long time ago. It made my cheeks feel warm and it made me feel whole for the first time in a while. It was familiar and easy and it's something I think about a lot. 

Who looked after you when you were last sick or who do you wish had?

The last time I was sick I had to mind myself and didn't have any medicine so I just lay in bed like a sad burrito. I wished my mom had looked after me because she is gentle and always knows what to do. She's one of my favourite people. 


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Define 'Human'

I don't think there's a specific way to define 'Human'. We as a species are complex to label. Some people label anyway. Which I don't always agree with. When I think about humans I think about the little mistakes we make, how it is 'human to err' and the human condition. How some people are more the bad characteristics and the good. Being a bit of an anxious introvert, I find humans confusing and at times intimidating. I much prefer dogs.