Issue No. 1.




Editor's note regarding this issue's theme and the process behind (un)titled: we are not defined by labels and how to support the project. 



Interview with photographer Ann Marie Amick. 'I have been interested in photography my entire life and I relate this back to my father – I grew up with a father that loved capturing moments, but not posed moments...'



Three poems by Jordan Lydon:

i am mourning something that isn't dead, self portrait (in the mirror), overdosing was not enlightening.

chloe 2.jpg

Chloe Austin is an emerging artist from Kinsale, Cork specialising in photography and video. She is a graduate of Fine Art & Design at CCAD, Cork and is now currently living in Galway. The interest in the struggling, fragmentary female body is a critical element within her work and focuses on how new technologies are changing our perception of ‘self’

OISIN 2.jpg

The first in a series of poems by Oisin Donnellan.

'The Smile'

'...and lips stayed closed as the hearts opened

their life stroked with three bodily touches...'


A selection of works by talented artist Lauren Conway.

'The pencil had turned into nice chiselled lines and that made me very content in a world where I am very angry (some of the time)' 


We spoke to Aoibheann Flanagan Gill and Sinead Pokall who make up the musical duo 'Hipster Trash' on how they met, collaboration and why they make music.


The first of a selection of poems by Lauren Neville Hennessy. 

'...My fingers, trembling with cold,

Brush over my thigh, cut to ribbons...'


The first in a selection of poetry from Roisin Branigan

'...My body is my own

It is not yours to drunkenly grab in a crowded club

My skin is artwork

That is not yours to touch...'


A series of photographs by Nicoletta entitled 'mutation crooks' 

'...While it wasn’t life threatening, it still shook me quite a bit. I guess that would happen to any human being who unwittingly has to think about something relating to mortality more than they’d like for a certain period of time, and I was only twenty-one then...'


'A day in the summer' by Rosa Jones.

'... Instead, the truth can be foamy and changeable like the best things, light on water, bus numbers reflected in puddles at the break of a perfectly sunny day— they quiver in a way that comes close to deceiving your eye, but in that sense they are more real than anything...'

daniel 4.jpg

'...Unlike the best of poems

Its words will not persist as shivers in your skin

Or detonate inside your skull at unexpected moments:

In the shower, on the shitter, on the night bus home...'

The first in a series of poems by Daniel Mulcahy is up on the online edition of (un)titled today.


'...I’m not really interested in fantasy stories or high concept stuff. I can’t find it relatable. I much prefer mundane things, and the beauty in them. It’s a very cliche answer but if you’re not writing about what you know, then what the hell are you writing about? I love Vanitas paintings. Artists like Caravaggio. In those works, there isn’t a single object that doesn’t mean something. Everything is symbolic...'

An interview with film-maker Edward Zorab.

'We just sit here, in this comfortable silence, with a soft humming from conversations of strangers surrounding us. You say something that makes me laugh, although I can’t now recall what it was. My smile doesn't fade, and I feel happy to be here - with you.'

This piece of beautiful prose by Dana Halliday, entitled 'Where are you my friend?'.

OISIN 2.jpg

'I know your childhood glint, your rosy water-colour beginning...'

The second in a series of poems by Oisin Donnellan entitled 'Matryoshka'


'You can find all sorts of materials on mine; oil pastels, paint, thread, collage, ink, photographs and other stuff like sweet wrappers or bits of paper that I like...'

Emily Lohan on her sketchbook practice is up on today's online edition of (un)titled.


We spoke to photographer Bradley Leach on process and infulences and gained a further look into his confectionary coloured world.


'She fell into the world,

Like tea into a China cup...'

A second poem from Lauren Neville Hennessy. 


An interview with the talented musician Maija Sofia.

'I’m interested in expressing aspects of femininity or ‘femaleness’, whatever that is, and a lot of my songs stem from my anger about oppressive patriarchal structures, and sin is something I don’t really believe in.'


 We met with the amazing dancer, Mia Bradley Evans to document her movement and she shared her thoughts and experiences on dedication, movement and seeking opportunity.


'I will lie to myself that my lies and your lies and her lies and our lies mean nothing,

Or at least not much.'


roisin left by you.jpg

I long for the moment

My body is anew;

no longer stained with fingerprints

Left by you


'I am a very blunt and chaotic person. It sounds pretentious coming out of my mouth right now but I do feel that people should say more of how they feel and be completely honest. That’s always what I’ve wanted to be and I’m glad that comes across.'

Interview with the amazing illustrator Lydia Saskia. 


Exploring this issue's theme, we questioned three individuals on what it means to be human.