Rain Songs, Wind Pipes and Epitaphs

Rustic tea-pot, you play
French music on verandas 
while old men whistle- 
the crow caws
on skeletal branches and 
the cats skull is too small
for cinnamon eyes.

I put too much sugar in 
my cup and it sticks to 
the end like words 
on a dead mans grave -
My epitaph will read
"Not today" 
as if I am a strong willed woman

But lemonade lips and
velvet only appeal to an
ingénue -
in the corridor taking in 
the penumbra of people -
French music still plays
mellifluous melodies and 
the dulcet drippings of 
your voice. 

This is nothing but rain songs
and wind pipes -
Native American spiritual 
Shamanic sounds to seduce
me into feeding

stallion hoofed and
declining dinner with Baphomet 
This is:

Rue de la Victoire

Sharmila Rahman is a 24 year old, sometimes-poet from Cork. Her work tries to convey the female psyche through a prism of metaphors and emotions; focusing on the themes of love, femininity and the self.