Tea by Lauren Neville Hennessy


She fell into the world,


 Like tea into a China cup,


 I stirred softly as the water turned cold,


 Thickened, Black and gloopy,


Like treacle,


I removed the spoon and set it down,


Tipped the cup into the ocean,


Smiling at the notion that she


Would never be whole again,


 She meant nothing more to me than a drop in the sea.


I fall into the ocean with a splash,

Lost and cannot see,

 But happy and finally free,

 I dance among the waves,

 Visit every corner of the globe,

Wash up on every shore,

 I don't miss the tea cup,

 The world is my home,

 Every country a room

And every drop in the sea, a part of me.


When amber fades from view,

 I pick up the tea cup and throw it in too,

 I longed to be freed of this burden,

 She didn't need me

And it was I who thirsted for tea.