How did you two meet?

Sinead: It was March of our leaving cert year, we met at a camping for a mutual friend's birthday. I remember sitting by the campfire and naturally had the guitar out and played a few tunes, a mixture of originals and covers. It was Baltic out. We were absolute lunatics, I don’t think any of us slept but it certainly is one of my favourite memories. I went to study the following morning. Took me a week to recover.

Aoibheann: We couldn’t have met at a better time to be honest. I was shy enough at the time, but the fact that there was a campfire and a guitar there, I just couldn’t resist playing a few tunes and singing along with a few others! Sinead obviously joined in, and I guess the story goes from there.

What drew you to collaborating with one another?

Sinead: It was September I think, we both played at an open mic our friend organised in Aras na nGael. Aoibheann debuted her song Someone and I just remember being in absolute awe. Instantly I not only wanted but I felt the actual need to sing with her. I just knew we would work well as a duo. We certainly had a creative spark and our friendship and musician-ship bloomed from there.

Aoibheann: When I first heard Sinead’s voice, not to mention her fabulous harmonies, I absolutely fell in love with it! I loved her style and her look and when she was thinking of taking part in the Irish Youth Music Awards, I thought it would be a great chance to try out a few tunes with her, knowing that we would work well together.



What themes do you write about in your songs and how does that connect to your own life?

Sinead: I’d say we’re very personal and honest with our music. Love I guess? I certainly feel inspired by the never ending growth as a person. Coming of age even. Life in general. 

Aoibheann: Both myself and Sinead tend to write about things that are close to heart. We like to make things personal, showing emotions when we sing, whether it be with a happy love song or one of heartbreak. Recently I write a lot of love songs, or songs about people I care for a lot in general. I’m passionate about making people happy and every so often, if I happen to upset someone, I’d write a song about that because it can be quite emotional for me. Or on the other side of that, I write a happy feel-good song when I might have made someone’s day.

What was the first song you remember making and what inspired it?

Sinead: I wrote a song about tea. I had my appendix taken out at 14 and was bed bound for a few weeks. I don’t know if I was hallucinating from the morphine or discomfort. But it was a song about being in desperate need of a cuppa. I was gasping. Funny though, the song was written in Irish because I wanted to improve. I attended a Gael scoil and was really struggling with the language at the time. The song actually won an award in 2013. I’m guessing it was a totally relatable topic though, right?

Aoibheann: The first song I wrote, was a song called 'Out of control'. I wrote it back in third year of secondary school, not really knowing what I was doing at all to be completely honest. I could just about play five chords at the time and I just decided to try out something new. That’s really what inspired it. The lyrics are of no correlation to my own life, and I cringe at the thought of the song now, but it was an experience I won’t forget.

There are so many different elements that come into play when creating music, what elements usually come first to you and how do you navigate all those different threads to create a song?

Sinead: Personally I usually write melodies first or come up with a good phrase completely at random. Or I’ll work on a melody from my voice notes and throw in lines from a cluster of thoughts out of my morning pages. I could completely hate an idea and scrap it but reinvent it at a later stage.

Aoibheann: Writing a song can be difficult sometimes. For myself, it’s always the lyrics I struggle with most. The music and melodies comes so easily but my words are often a jumble and it’s hard to get the good ones down on paper. Before, I’d often try to write a song in one sitting, but I’ve found that I take my time with it now, and although it may take a week or two, day by day, new lyrics come to mind and slowly but surely the end product emerges.


What are the positives and challenges of collaborating with another musician?

Sinead: Stage fright. Honestly it’s so comforting to have an extra body with you on stage. I don’t tend to feel nervous but more so excited when I’m with another person. The confidence to share your music with someone else other than your phone. I love running an idea past Aoibheann and getting some quality feedback. I used to find it hard to share my music with people but with Aoibhs it's certainly a pleasure.

Aoibheann: Honestly, I don’t know how others feel about collaboration, but I love it! Maybe I just got lucky to have such a great individual to collaborate with, but it is so much fun. For so long, I had terrible stage fright, but having somebody up there with you to support you the whole way through a song can be so beneficial. It gives me that boost of confidence and we are always able to have a bit of a laugh on stage too. I love being able to have someone who’s as passionate about song writing and music to share my own ideas with as well and we’re able to give each other new ideas and quality feedback, which is such a great opportunity for both of us.


Tell us about your band name and how it came to be.

Sinead: So we entered this competition and literally on the day we realised we needed a band name. shortly before we left the house, one last check in the mirror we realised our image was bit of a colourful mess. I exclaimed that we looked like Hipster Trash as a joke but somehow the name stuck and I find it playful and that it suits us with the best intentions.

Tell us a line of your favourite song. 

Aoibheann: I couldn’t come up with my favourite lyric off the top of my head, but one of my favourite songs of all time is 'Can’t Help Falling in Love'. I think it is so raw and beautiful. The lyrics are so simple, yet every time I hear it I am either brought to tears or filled with utter joy.



Define 'Human'.

Sinead: Being real, being you. Acceptance and tolerance I guess.

Aoibheann: I think to be human is to feel alive. Feel alive by doing what you love, by being your true self, enjoying life to the fullest. Also to feel care for others and to feel cared for by others.