This is the word we use that binds us together.

The one that links us to pasts and presents. The one that refers to the patterns and marks of how we have grown. It’s the word we use to name the taste of our history crept under tongue and what we call to the feel of our futures pressed under thumb.

This theme felt most relevant to me when curating this issue. Whether it was a focus on age, the conversations that hold to this generation and past, or the discussions and ideas formed when reading through the submissions, I found that notions of time, experience and responsibility crept to the forefront.

The word generation also feels very relevant to the focus of (un)titled publication as a whole. Focusing on the representation of young and emerging artists, the work and conversations I hope to highlight through this publication are that of the present and the future, and also as a means of deconstructing the notion that in order to be recognised or acknowledged you have to have gotten so far into a career or be solid in an identity or form of expression. It’s the relationship with change and growth that has inspired me most while curating this issue and particularly the attitude in which we can engage and move on through experience and time. I hope this is reflected when reading the work in this issue and that the pieces included resonate with you.

I’m very grateful to have spent the time communicating and engaging with artists across different countries and to see how the theme relates to everyone in different ways. Sometimes, the relevance manifests itself in simpler forms simply through perspective and participation and others more literal through themes of coming of age and in the stories they tell. Together they build into a cross hatch collection of work that calls to change, movement and growth and in these pieces I hope you find inspiration or joy reading through this issue.

- Saffron Lily