I started this project with the intention of creating a platform for young and emerging artists in the form of a publication that engaged and showcased different perspectives.

I named this publication (un)titled: we are not defined by labels as I wanted it to represent the individuality of young artists and simply focus on creating a unique collection of voices that were diverse and unapologetic.

In keeping with this tone, the theme for the first issue is ‘Human'. A topic so vast yet intimate at the same time. I wanted to curate something that appealed to all different readers, so the work included is broad, from photography to poetry, from fine artwork to film. Accompanying these features are interviews from artists, both established and emerging that compile into a kaleidoscope of perspectives and something that I hope readers will find inspiring, as I have too.

I met with lots of amazing people and had the luxury of witnessing such a beautiful array of works. Most people I got to spend time with, taking photographs with them and gaining further insight into the magic of their work and who they are, and others I have communicated with from different countries and time zones. It has been so genuinely wonderful to have been able to connect and exchange with these artists and I really value all the input and insight they have so lovingly put forth. None of this would exist without them. 

(un)titled: we are not defined by labels is something that has taken time to curate and establish and it is something I want to continue to develop beyond this online edition of the first issue. First and foremost, I would really like to raise money for a print issue. The tangible quality of a print copy is irreplaceable and to have something so beautiful and hand held I feel would only do justice to all the artwork involved. Following this, I would also really like to expand on my original intention of creating a platform for young artists by holding events, exhibitions and workshops much like the first event held in Galway Arts Centre in September last year, that featured live music and poetry from young artists alike. If you’d like to support this publication and what it stands for, please donate to the fundraising campaign, share on social media and spread the word. All means of support are of great value to help further this goal.

I hope you enjoy this first issue.

Thank you,

Saffron Lily

Editor and Founder of (un)titled.