Chloe Austin is an emerging artist from Kinsale, Cork specialising in photography and video. She is a graduate of Fine Art & Design at CCAD, Cork and is now currently living in Galway. The interest in the struggling, fragmentary female body is a critical element within her work and focuses on how new technologies are changing our perception of ‘self’.

The artist always features the female body, hiding and revealing. Leaving only a feminine form, the work explores questions of female representation and the relationship between body and self. However, the representation of the self doesn’t reflect reality here as the artist experiences herself, objectifying her subjectivity.

Chloe aims to mirror the tension involved with longing for the ideal, the impossible. Technology is so intertwined with the creation of identity that it can no longer be separate from the body as a subject. The difficulties that exist with being a woman, have their roots in identification and desire resulting in the violent dismantling of the self with the confluence of image, body and screen