(un)titled: we are not defined by labels is an upcoming publication for young and emerging artists curated by Saffron Lily.  The aim of this publication is to support and elevate the diverse voices of emerging artists in the platform of a publication and to create a beautiful, tangible and inspiring collection of work.

The first issue is under the theme ‘Human’ and will feature many beautiful contributions and interviews from talented artists from different backgrounds and mediums.

The publication itself is to be published online, however, we would really like to further the work by creating a print publication and having the work represented in something more tangible and accesible.

That is why it would be really amazing if we could gather funds to support the project further and create a printed publication. Not only that but we would like to provide the individual artists with payment for their work and to hold more events such as poetry readings, performances and exhibitions that continue our goal of creating a platform to support artists in a practical way.

Our first fudraising event was held in the Galway Arts Centre, 22nd September 2017 and featured readings from writers included in the first issue along with musical performances.

We hope you can help support the project and that you enjoy the work included in our first issue. 

Here is where you can donate and support the publication.

If you'd like to submit your work, email us: untitledpublication@outlook.com